Mala of the Heart, 108 sacred poems

MalaOfThe HeartcHCOMala of the Heart is an inspirational convergence of great saints, prophets, and poets who have walked the earth before us. This beautifully edited book contains 108 poems, as the 108 prayer beads of the mala used by the Buddhists to connect the body with the sacred. Similarly to prayers, poetry written by saints and mystics consoles the heart. “When we read or listen poetry of the spirit, we come to see with a certain clarity the one thing that has always been facing us, yet seems invisible to us”, says the editor in his introduction to the book.


what happens to the scale
when love
Kabir (India)
Who are the poets who have delivered those messages? A very interesting appendix at the end of the book gives the reader historical clues on them: the voices of St. Catherine of Siena (Italy), Rumi (Persia), Meister Eckhart (Germany), Mukta Bai (India) or Uvavnuk (Inuit Nation) are gathered here.
The editor of the book, Ravi Nathwani, will present the book at Moebius Books the 5th of January at 6pm. He will tell us more about the birth of this book, and share his knowledge of the selected poets. Ravi will also read some of the poems and give us clues about his spiritual practice based on those words of wisdom. Mr. Nathwani was born in East Africa and raised in the Vaishnav Hindu tradition. He has become a messenger of Vedic studies through his lectures and workshops. Since 1998, Ravi has been teaching at Tufts University. He also teaches Wisdom Yoga and Buddhist meditation at JFK University in California. Ravi leads satsangs and meditation groups and teaches the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita in Yoga teacher trainings.
This book presentation will be a great opportunity to discover the beautiful poems of wise men and women, as well as Ravi Nathwani’s philosophical message.
I am looking for a poem that says Everything
so I don’t have to write
Tukaram (India)


Mala of the heart, 108 sacred poems: a book presentation by editor Ravi Nathwani

Tuesday 5 of January, 6pm

Moebius Books

Instituto Allende, Ancha de San Antonio 20, San Miguel de Allende, Centro.


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